Taoscodian Games is a solo indie game dev studio producing tabletop RPG and video game products.

Zeitgeist 1980 is a Twine interactive fiction story set in the 1980s and playing with the tropes of the decade’s cinema and television as inspirations. You play a young person coming of age during the era’s strangeness.

Heroic Expeditions

Heroic Expeditions are a line of emergent storytelling through sandbox hexcrawling products for your Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition tabletop RPG campaign.

Survival Mode tells the story of five gamers who find themselves jumping from adventure scenario to adventure scenario. The twist is that they are characters in a tabletop rpg Actual Play presented as a serial narrative.

Taoscordian Games is solo developer Michael Coorlim, author of the Galvanic Century steampunk and Shadow Decade cyberpunk series of novels. He also co-produces Burning Brigid Media’s Synesthesia Theatre audiodrama podcast, and is one-half of the retrogaming YouTube channel Blown Cartridges. Other hobbies include pixel art, tabletop role-playing games, and cooking. All appearances to the contrary, he is no longer homeless, but he may in fact be some kind of wizard.

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