Dungeons in Practice Contrary to expectations, Adventure sites – Dungeons – are very rarely discovered by Adventurers. Most of the time they’re stumbled upon by some hapless hunter, or livestock start disappearing, or the local wizard stops coming into town for supplies. Whatever the cause and whatever the nature of a Dungeon, Adventurers typically encounter it late in the site’s lifecycle. Commoners are usually the first point of contact, for good or for ill. A farmer turns up a strange cave in their field, something tunnels into the basement of an inn, a woodsman discovers a tower that wasn’t there last season. Sometimes investigation ofRead More →

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We’re building a setting where Adventurers mount expeditions into dungeons. Last post in this series covered who Adventurers are and how they fit into the world. This time we’re going to take a look at where they’re going. Dungeons. What is a Dungeon? For our purpose, it’s any place a group of Adventurers might go to have an Adventure. Dangerous places inhabited by fierce creatures, filled with fiendish traps, and, ideally, some kind of treasure. The treasure might be monetary, or it could be information, or just anything else the PCs want. There’s room for unlimited variation in what form the Dungeon can take, fromRead More →

So, here we are, designing a setting to accommodate dungeon crawling with a bit of a spin on standard FRP tropes. Let’s open it up with our protagonists. Brave Adventurers In the default scenario, the players are professional dungeon crawlers. Adventurers. Let’s start from the mechanical assumptions that Dungeons and Dragons (and other similar FRPG systems)  implies about our characters. They start out more capable than the average peasant and only become more powerful with time. They routinely deal in sums greater than those dreamed of by most merchants. They kill more creatures in a single adventure than most non-adventurers will ever see. They haveRead More →

While some people engage in worldbuilding as an end to itself, most of the time when we’re coming up with a new setting we’re doing so for a particular purpose. We might need a setting for a game that we’re designing, or we might be writing a book. The process in both cases is similar. Decide your worldbuilding parameters If you’re reading this blog post, chances are that you’re at least open to the idea of approaching your design considerations consciously. The first step is to be aware of what it is you’re doing. You don’t need to decide all of it now, but theRead More →