As presented, post-apocalyptic Chicago is a fine setting but we haven’t touched on the other elements required for a campaign. This is intentional, as the purpose of these posts is to provide you with the tools you can use to run your own games. Part of it is simply the nature of the sandbox. Players drive the action and set their own goals. However, if we provide some sort of more specific context, we can save the PCs from the dangers of decision paralysis – a goal, even nebulous, gives them a direction to plan in. G-Men The framework I had in mind while conceptualizingRead More →

In our first post we introduced the notion of a post-apocalyptic urban sandbox set in Chicago, covering the setting in broad strokes aside from the city of Chicago itself. Let’s handle that today. Structure of the City Chicago is divided up into 77 community areas, each comprised of multiple neighborhoods. The community areas have stronger definition than the neighborhoods, so we’ll focus on them as we develop the city’s post-apocalyptic future. This also gives us less work to do. More broadly, we can divide the city up into four “sides:” North, South, West, and Central. East is Lake Michigan. Before the apocalypse Chicago boasted aRead More →

Taoscordian Games has just released the first wilderness campaign setting for use with the Hexbox system, Ibu: The Emerald Canopy. Ibu is the first in the Heroic Expeditions series of campaign settings, sending players across endless seas to unknown lands filled with strange monsters and stranger magic. For GMs it’s a way to break players’ out of their comfort zones with a setting drawn from neither history nor Fantasy Gaming, removing from them any context that might provide them with set tropes to follow. Instead, in the Heroic Expeditions series, the players will be faced with the same strange novelties that their characters must comeRead More →

The stories told in sandbox-style games differ quite a bit from the procedural adventures presented in traditional adventure. They still happen, but rather than a planned sequence of events, they arise from the situational choices the players make.Read More →

Taoscordian Games is pleased to release the Hexbox, a systemic approach to sandbox hexcrawling campaigns compatible with 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. This free 60 page document contains all the rules GMs need to run wilderness campaigns in which the players are free to explore and create their own stories as they play. Hexbox is available through DriveThru RPG. Future releases in the Hexbox line will detail settings designed for use with the Hexbox system.Read More →