It’s been what, seven or eight months? Time to go into Taoscordian Games’s plan for 2018. Hexbox Our first project for the new year is going to be a revision of the Hexbox system. We’ve had a year to work on it, a year of errata, a year of development and exciting new ideas. It’ll still be free and more or less compatible with Ibu: The Emerald Canopy, but probably a bit heftier, with more material added to it. It remains to be seen if Ibu will get an update, but there are further books in the series planned for a 2018 release. Galvanic CenturyRead More →

Adventurers are, in their purest form, heavily armed parties of personally powerful individuals who amass great personal fortunes very quickly, and have a tendency to disrupt the status quo when it offends their somewhat arbitrary and often inconsistent sensibilities. What’s a despot to do? What a despot is to do The first instinct of many a ruler is to prevent the formation of the adventurer class by outlawing the activities that lead to their creation. It becomes illegal for adventuring companies to form, and trespassing in ancient ruins becomes forbidden. However, this is an insufficient measure in two respects. Firstly, there are many other cruciblesRead More →