Random Title Generator devlog 1

A few years ago I wrote a random title generator in JavaScript and put it up on my author page. It takes a bunch of titles from old Weird Tales magazines, jumbles up the parts of speech, and recreates them using common sentence structure.

I’m taking the data and turning it into an Android app. Going from JavaScript to Java is a little complex, but I’ve got the base code working.

The Prototype

Screenshot of the prototype build

As you can see it’s still very barebones. Nothing is styled, and I haven’t even come up with a serious layout yet. Still, it’s functional – press the button, and you get a random title.

I don’t have a lot of plans to innovate beyond this point, as it’s meant to be a very simple app. I’ll polish the visuals a bit, maybe add a donation link or about page, maybe a splash screen.

Still, I’m happy that it’s working and that I didn’t run into any major bugs during the few hours it took me to develop the thing.

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