Whoa whoa whoa what happened?

Where’s all the tabletop RPG stuff?

Some time ago I decided to consolidate my tabletop RPG products and projects in with my core author brand, migrating my blog posts and sales pages over to mcoorlim.com. Head on over there if that’s what you were looking for.

This left me with the question of what to do with the Taoscordian dot com domain, whether to let it lapse or save it as a redirect to the ttrpg content’s new home.

In the end, I did neither.

Adventures in Game Dev

Another one of my endeavors is digital game development. Video games. I’ve had a few scattershot projects in the past, but didn’t really adequately document them. That’s what this site is, now: a dev log chronicling my endeavors for those who’d like to follow along, and a central hub for any projects I manage to finish.

So there you have it.

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